Teen Tuesday–Hearing from Tomorrow’s Writers Today

It’s Tuesday! Welcome again to Teen Tuesday where we listen to the voice of one of tomorrow’s writers today. Before we begin, I need to start with some housekeeping…if you’re a young writer and want to be featured on Teen Tuesday, give me a shout out at tessgrantwrites@gmail.com. I keep it anonymous and get parent approval. I’d love to hear from YOU!

Today, we read a sample from F. F is 15 and has worked on several books prior to this one. This is her current WIP and is the first in a series. This sample comes from a high fantasy entitled Quest for the Swords of Healing:

* * * *

“Get down!” Fye (Fay) yelled, jumping and pushing herself and Brye (Bree) to the carpeted floor.

Seconds later, the window exploded. Glass sprayed everywhere, then a fiery projectile burst through, slamming into the opposite wall and exploding.

Screams of panic filled the air and flames burst forth playing on the left-over wall. Fye and Brye glanced up. Half the ceiling was gone or crumbling away. The whole building shuddered.

Fye jumped to her feet and looked back out the window. “Oh…” was all she could say. Is my mind playing tricks on me?

Outside in the green and black soupy darkness, she saw rank upon rank of men clothed in armor, girded with swords, axes, spears, scythes, and clubs. Their faces were covered in helmets, and their feet shod in leather boots.

A shout arose from them, and Fye had just enough time to duck before another projectile hit the house.

“Who are they?” Brye asked. She was army-crawling with Fye through the debris.

“I don’t know,” whispered Fye.

* * * *

Way to start it off with a bang (or two), F! Can I hear it for F?


Teen Tuesday–Hearing from Tomorrow’s Writers Today

From now on, Tuesdays will be devoted to guest posts from young writers (teens and otherwise). These may be samples of their fiction or essays or just comments on life. As a YA writer, I’m hoping to support tomorrow’s writers today!

For our inaugural post, we will be hearing from B along with viewing a sample of her artwork. B just turned 13, but she wrote this guest post a few weeks ago at the ripe old age of 12. She is currently working on the first book in a series involving kids, dragons, and fighting evil.

Words from B:

People ask me if I write what I see. I don’t know. I don’t see very many hybrid heroes cruising through the sky, but I see people who stand up for what is right. I certainly don’t see many little green baby dragons under our trees making sticks into mustaches. But I see my goofy friends, who have the power to turn a serious moment into a lighthearted one. I don’t see any villains in dark tuxedos with jagged scars, but I do see bullies. I don’t see any monsters lurking in their lairs, guarding their treasures. But I do see our puppy, Phoebe, lying in her kennel with her squeaky rhino in her mouth.

I don’t know if I write what I see. It depends on how you look at it. But then there is the matter of seeing…because seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.


That seems pretty profound to me. I’m looking forward to seeing her book in print. Any comments for B?