The Nerd Quilt (or how to put all your geekiness into one comforting blankie)

We Grants tend to wave our nerd flag pretty high and bedding is no exception. Daughter #1 was heading off to college this fall and Jo-Ann’s had some amazing fandom fabric. What better way to combine it all in one than to make a quilt?

Armed with a pattern from Happy Zombie for the patio quilt and fabric representing Star Wars, Jaws, Dr. Who, Marvel Avengers, The X-Files, Gravity Falls, and an occasional Sasquatch here and there, we built this beauty.

Nerd Quilt

Along with Jo-Ann’s, we found some of our fabric at Spoonflower, a really cool site with custom fabric. Okay, I will admit it: We finished the quilt top two days before she left for school. But we have some amazing Lord of the Rings fabric waiting for our backing and batting and we’ll be quilting by Christmas break. I think the nerd quilt will be ready to go to school for second semester.

I think my favorite square is the Sasquatch/X-Files mix. What’s yours?


Nerd Boxers

Here at the Grant home, we continue our search for enough confidence to begin crafting the cosplay dresses. Along that line, we did a quick project that we adore! NERD BOXERS.

Behold BB8!


For BB, we used the pattern found here on eHow. Note on that pattern: I didn’t read the directions (Remember that thing in grade school where if you read the directions you knew to just put your pencil down and do nothing? I flunked that too.) I spent a painstaking hour piecing lines together and building this pattern (I hate puzzles!) only to find when I was done there were shadow numbers and all I had to do was put the sheets in order right to left and up and down using the numbers. Oops!

Here are other future nerd boxers in the works: Minions plus silver waistband.


Snoopy plus black waistband.



Floral and pink.



And for the Doctor fans, Daleks.


Here’s another note about these boxers. Check for appropriate-colored elastic before you grab the material. We bought the Daleks assuming yellow elastic wouldn’t be a big deal, but after much searching, it was an order-only item. Apparently, it is being attached to the collar of a St. Bernard and being sent overland as it is going to take 6 weeks to arrive. I also figured blue wouldn’t be a big deal but the only blue available is more of a teal. Hence the silver waistband for the minions.

This is a super easy pattern and the girls did these all on their own. The elastic is kind of a pain to attach. I stretched it to fit the waistband while the girls sewed because that step required four hands.

I’m considering Jaws boxers for me. Who knew there were all these good nerdy fabrics to choose from? What fabric would you choose?