Where, oh where, is Kitty Irish? In Which There is News…and a Cover Reveal!

After being contacted by a reader in search of the final book of the Kitty Irish Trilogy, I realized I’ve never let people know what happened with the trilogy. I’m sad to say that the small press who gave Kitty her first break went out of business. Prior to that, the press decided to concentrate on romance and so my rights reverted to me.

It’s been a while, but I’m so pleased and excited to announce that Books We Love has decided to republish the trilogy! The first Kitty, complete with new title and exciting new cover could be out as early as this week!

So…with no further ado…scroll down to check out the new cover.


Celebrate with me! As soon as she’s live, I’ll let you know!


Shades of Summer

I can’t believe summer is over. It was with mixed feelings I sent the girls out the door to summer farmschool on Tuesday–one to her first day of middle school, one to her first day of high school…sniff, sniff. Maybe now I’ll get the house cleaned, maybe I’ll get some writing done, I think. But I know that I’ll miss our impromptu trips to the beach and late nights seeing how many stars are out even more.

I never did post an update on the curb appeal project (but I will soon!). The walkway did get finished. Unfortunately, not much else did. Thank goodness, Mother Nature pitched in with all the day lilies, ferns and hostas, and the farmette ended up looking pretty good.

Summer was a whirl–a trip to Maine (hi Brenda!), our first foray into the world of marching band, the garden. But I wanted to share a few pics of writing and reading friends I spent time with along the way.

L-R: J.Q. Rose, Tess Grant, Joselyn Vaughn, and W.S. Gager

L-R: J.Q. Rose, Tess Grant, Joselyn Vaughn, and W.S. Gager

First off, the Artsplace in Fremont, Michigan. JQ Rose, Joselyn Vaughn, WS Gager and I met to talk about what inspires us during the dog days of summer.

My future fan

My future fan

Next there was the Reading Rocks Festival in Rockford Michigan. I met one of my future fans there…isn’t he a doll?

Kitty who is Irish with her copy of one of the Kitty Irish books.

Kitty who is Irish with her copy of one of the Kitty Irish books.

I also met Kitty who is Irish. Isn’t that a fun coincidence? Of course, she bought a copy of the first book in the Kitty Irish trilogy, Trajectories.

How was your summer? Make any new friends? Bump into any old ones?

Zippy Things

I’ve been busy for a few weeks (working that curb appeal thing at the farmette) but that doesn’t mean good things haven’t been happening. In fact, I have a few zippy things to share.

The first…oh yeah…is my photo(31)werewolf  beer. Is it not amazing? My sister got it for me for my birthday! It’s from the brewery Rinkuskiai from the Birzai region of Lithuania (well, this particular one is imported).

Check out the lovely neck decoration….photo(33)

The first time I read the description I kind of misread…it was talking about the rich malt flavor. I thought it said meat flavor. 🙂

It’s a little hard to read the label but underneath the girl/wolf’s face (yes, we all thought about coloring that blonde hair brown to make her look like Kitty Irish), it says, “You must be sure you wanna taste it.” I’m not sure. It’s too good to open. For right now, it’s going on my shelf of cool things.

NEW Reviewed by LASR copyHere’s another cool thing.  Both Gathering Speed and Flying in the Dark, Books Two and Three of the Kitty Irish Trilogy, were reviewed by Long and Short Reviews (LASR) in the past two weeks. Check out Speed here and Flying here. They’ve also reviewed Trajectories in the past.

I was excited to get 4.5 stars for each book in the trilogy and was especially excited about this line…”I highly recommend Flying in the Dark and the entire Kitty Irish Trilogy to anyone searching for a gripping young adult paranormal series.”

So, all in all, a great few weeks. I hope to be posting a curb appeal update soon. In the meantime, how about you? Any zippy things to report?

Release Day!

It’s here! Book Three of the Kitty Irish Trilogy is out. Flying in the Dark is available at Amazon, Smashwords, and on sale at Turquoise Morning Press! It’s on the way at Barnes and Noble and in paperback.


High school senior Kitty Irish knows exactly what Daniel Phinney expected of her—eradicate the werewolves haunting the Manistee National Forest—until her father comes home from Iraq and takes over.

Too bad Kitty’s plan unravels. Her father spends his time watching the tree line from the safety of a wingback chair. Her hunting partner analyzes college campuses while she analyzes kill sites. When her brother finds a new friend in a long lost uncle, Kitty’s war with the werewolves becomes a battle for more than just her own life.

Whatever Phinney prepared her for, this isn’t it.

In the final installment of the Kitty Irish Trilogy, Kitty’s past meets her present in an explosive confrontation. The battle comes to her front porch making the fight for the future more than claws and fangs.

Come along for the ride and finish out Kitty’s adventure!

Kitty, Phinney and I are visiting….

We are over at Joselyn Vaughn’s blog today for her Thursday Snippets. How kind of her to invite us.

Why don’t you come on over and say hello?

In closing, I wanted to leave you with a photo of the fabulous bouquet my sister sent me in honor of the Trajectories release. It’s gorgeous. But you’ll have to take my word for it as I couldn’t get a photo to upload.


This was supposed to be a post on the forensic interpretation of werewolf kills. However, it has been preempted by news of the most exciting kind.


Yes indeed, Kitty Irish, Daniel Phinney, and a host of werewolves that have been hanging around with me, the family, and the critique group for several years has now hit the shelves.

I’m so excited I can’t see straight! Thanks for sharing the ride with me.



Kitty Irish has heard all the rumors swirling around Daniel Phinney. Most of them involve a gun, a flask, and a temper. One chance encounter with the WWII veteran over a grisly find in the woods pulls the cover off the dark secrets of their small town, and Kitty is drawn into an unlikely partnership. Armed with an antique rifle and a handful of homemade silver bullets, the two form an efficient team. Unfortunately, their game is werewolf hunting, and disaster is only a bite away.

Available now from Amazon, Turquoise Morning Press and Smashwords.

P.S. Don’t forget to check back next week for the werewolf kill post…it’s gripping…and comes with photos. 🙂

Werewolves throughout History

In honor of the upcoming release of Trajectories, I thought I’d take a few posts to explore the concept of werewolves and the associated mythology, especially as it is presented in The Kitty Irish Trilogy.

The ability to turn into a wolf is termed lycanthropy. This comes from the Greek words for wolf and human. Similarly, the word werewolf is thought to be a combination of the words for man and wolf. The werewolf is a long-standing horror story, going back as far as Ovid and Greek mythology when Lycaon was turned into a wolf by Zeus.

Fast forward through a number of serial killers in the 1500s who were accused of being in wolf form during their horrendous deeds and even werewolf trials much like the witch trials during the same time period to arrive at the Beast of Gevaudan. In the 1760s, a creature (or creatures) described variously as a wolf, a bear, a hyena, and a panther was accused of killing upwards of 60 women and children in the province of Gevaudan in France. The story was a strong addition to werewolf lore.

Time-honored trappings of the werewolf like the full moon, silver bullets, and the infectious  quality of bites—all of which figure prominently in Kitty’s story—are recent additions to the mythology and typically appear post 1800 or later. It is rumored that the Beast of Gevaudan was killed by a blessed silver bullet although this notion was actually introduced by a novelist 170 years after the fact.

Current sightings include the Beast of Bray Road, a manwolf seen in Wisconsin in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as the Dog Man of Michigan. The latter started out as an April Fool’s day prank and grew into more when sightings were reported and parallels to local lore were found.

When it comes to fiction, start with a sighting by a teenage girl, Kitty Irish in the Manistee National Forest of Michigan. Grow the story with the highest rate in the state for unsolved disappearances and deaths. Add in a crusty World War II veteran, Daniel Phinney, and you have Trajectories.