Spring Break Cosplay Madness

Some people go to Florida for spring break (and believe me the Michigan weather sucked enough for it this week…boo, hiss!). We Grants make cosplay dresses. Many of you cheered me on through Ren Faire dresses and the Captain America dress, and I welcome your moral support on the journey to a Winter Soldier dress and another Captain America dress.

cap concept dress

The Captain America Concept Dress

While some people make cosplay costumes that completely mirror the character’s, my girls like to design their own, incorporating their own personal style with the character’s. I fully support this…why look like everybody else?  So…here are the concept dresses as drawn by the girls.


Here’s Captain America…if Cap preferred a little swing and a silver petticoat.

winter soldier concept dress

The Winter Soldier Concept Dress

Next up, the Winter Soldier, aka Bucky Barnes. He’s dark and forbidding.

Now, those of you who have visited with me before know that I prefer to build on someone else’s labor. I buy base dresses at consignment stores and from clearance racks and spice them up. In this case, we decided to go with homemade base dresses and spice as needed.

Enter the fabric store and the pattern book…

photo(66)This is the Cap base dress. It will be in navy with only a rim of silver lace on the arms.

photo(67)When push came to shove, the Winter Soldier went even more strappy. It will be in a black stretchy knit (yes, a fabric type NOT recommended by the pattern folks) with a straight skirt. So really…not much like this pattern at all.

Of course, cosplay dresses are never complete without a corset, at least not when my girls are designing them. The one shown below on the upper right will be for Bucky.


Cap will be going with a fuller corset…more like the ones shown in this Dr. Who pattern.photo(69)

We actually broke ground (cut fabric today). I’ll try to keep you updated.  Cap will still need a shield and Bucky a metal arm, but I reserve that for a later post. The Doctor of Phabric, Joselyn Vaughn and her amazing sister, Lillian, Chris Allen-Riley, and Cousin L. can expect panicked phone calls.

There’s our spring break…what did you do for fun?



Monday Musings…

Good morning! It’s Monday and that means it’s time for Monday Musings. Last week Chris Allen-Riley, Kirsti Jones, Lynn Doezema, and I explored the difference between literary and genre fiction. This week we look at a more personal topic…a place we’d most like to live.

I’ve chosen to willfully misinterpret this…I’m sure it was meant to be city versus country or beach (yes!) versus mountains (yes!) or Jamaica versus Antarctica. But I decided I wanted to talk about a house I would most like to live in.

Those of you who know me know I tend to go for older homes. The first home DH and I purchased was nearly 150 years old, our second 80+. I love the character of older homes—molding and wood floors and high ceilings. What I’ve come to dislike is the fact that most of them have crap for duct work and storage. So bear in mind that any dream house I describe should have both closets and heat.

I would love to have something Victorian with a little turret to house my writing desk. I want

Farnam Mansion by GerriGray (Wikepedia Commons)

Farnam Mansion by GerriGray (Wikepedia Commons)

a curving staircase, built-in bookshelves, stained glass windows, a tin roof in the kitchen. I want crown molding in the dining room and a fireplace someplace (anyplace!). I want crazy nooks and crannies for the kids to hide in. However, as I get older (Did that really just come out of my mouth?), I have found that simplicity is also a life condition I covet. Less room for clutter, less cleanup, smaller, easier. Which should kind of cut the Victorian out of the running.

So in the realm of all things are possible, I want a treehouse. That or a hobbit hole. I know, my Gemini is showing. But check this out…tree hotel. How zippy is that bird’s nest room? Or the UFO? Hubs can be Mulder and I can be Scully.

And the hobbit hole? What better is a hole in the ground as long as it’s a Bilbo Baggins-type of house with a round green door with a yellow knob? Oh yes, I could live there too. Especially if it had a little round room for my writing desk.

Grant Farmette

Grant Farmette–It may be cold but it’s home!

As I reread this, it seems I come off as rather indecisive. Again, those that know me may agree. In this case, I prefer to think of it as adaptable. I can live most anywhere–a gingerbread-festooned cottage or a treehouse or a hobbit hole or an 80-year-old farmhouse with very little heat and even less closet space. As long as there is room for the family and my writing desk.

How about you? In the realm of all things being possible, where do you want to live?