Cold Moon Cover Reveal!!

Ooooh! The second volume in the Full Moon Trilogy has a cover! You know you want to see it.

First, the blurb: All Kitty Irish wants to do is complete the task given to her by Daniel Phinney—free their small town from the werewolves that plague it. But every move she makes sets off an unforeseen reaction. She burns Phinney’s cabin to the ground to lay her mentor to rest. Instead the hot ashes raise up a detective bent on connecting the dots between Kitty and his cold case list. The truth she tells to free a friend brings her an unexpected ally in the fight. And the letter she opens shows her a window into a past she never knew she had. Kitty’s mission is gathering speed.

Now….here it is!



I love the wintry feel. Let me know what you think!




This is why I don’t bake…

Today is my hubby’s b-day. Feel free to wish him a great day in the comments below, although I will probably ask him to refrain from reading this, so he may never see your thoughts.

He wanted a carrot cake for his special day. No problem, I thought, since I’d made him one last year and it was amazing, if I do say so myself! As I was digging though my recipes, I found not just the recipe I used last year, but one from a friend that I’d asked for years ago. She obviously is a baker, since her recipe only consisted of amounts of ingredients, no directions. To my way  of thinking her cake had to be fabulous or I wouldn’t have asked for the recipe, so… I went for it.

I mixed up everything she had listed. There was a slight moment of drama when I thought I didn’t have enough flour, but hubby saved the day by telling me where the secret flour stash was (perhaps this flour is on hold for the zombie apocalypse, I’m not sure). More drama ensued when I looked at the amount it made and realized with a sinking heart it was only enough to fill one 9″ round. She obviously is a baker since she knew to double it.

So being lazy…rather than double hers, I took a look at the recipe I’d used last year. What the heck? I just threw in enough ingredients to get me up to the amounts listed on that page. There was a slight problem, which came to light when I was beating the new mix. Everything clumped up on the beaters and I was stuck with a big ball o’ dough. I went back to the friend’s recipe. Lo and behold, I was 1/3 of a cup over on flour. What to do? I paced a little. Weighed the options of more oil or another egg, then decided to whip in enough water to get the dough ball to fall off the beaters.

Voila! Dough ball freed! I threw in the carrots which, at that point in my frustration, I may have measured less than precisely (yes, I did grate them). Then I checked the fine print. One recipe said 300 for an hour, the other 375 for 45 minutes. I am the daughter and sister of math teachers. However, in the toss of the genetic dice, I didn’t roll math. But, even in my rudimentary knowledge, I could tell these things were not equal. I decided to go for the 375. Alas, it has only been 25 minutes and already cake smell fills the house (usually a sign for me it’s getting close to done), so I feel a slight thrill of fear.

There is still that issue with the baking powder that one recipe called for and one didn’t. Also my friend who is a baker apparently knew she was supposed to double the frosting recipe as well, so I’ll be heading out for more cream cheese soon.

Good thing hubby was both in the Army and very kind. He eats most everything I make.

Got any baking horror stories? I hate to feel alone.



Things I Learned (and Remembered) at the Beach

This summer has been slow to get rolling. That’s not just the weather I’m talking about, but us personally. My oldest daughter has a steady job, my youngest is taking here-and-there work, and their partners-in-crime cousins are super busy too. But we finally got there!

  1. The first thing I learned (and I really did already know this…somehow I just blocked out) is that when it’s 90 degrees in Michigan, that doesn’t mean the water is warm. I think it was around 50 degrees. Even my half-mermaid children would have none of it. I didn’t even get my ankles wet. This leads me to the next thing I learned (or remembered).
  2. When the water is too bloody cold, and your kids say they’re going for a walk, make the one who brought her Timex Ironman with her take it with her! Two hours after they trekked out, our wandering children returned, and DH and I had nearly roasted in the interim. Why? Because the water was too d*^* cold… and we need an umbrella.
  3. Buy a beach umbrella.
  4. Now to the good stuff. Know how your cheap favorite flip-flops break after a few weeks because the in-between toe thingy pulls through? No more!  Put the little green photo(73)

bread thing (is that a latch? A tie? A whatzit?) around the base. Voila…your favorite cheap  flip-flops stay your faves for a few weeks more.

5. Green Army Men Gummies. Because the beach needs snacks and ever since Toy Story who can resist a little green army man? They have low-crawl man, tank guy, plus your general infantry boys. Mmmm…green apple.


That’s it. Now that my head is on straight for the next beach trip, I’ll let you know how it goes. Any pointers?

Spring Break Cosplay Madness

Some people go to Florida for spring break (and believe me the Michigan weather sucked enough for it this week…boo, hiss!). We Grants make cosplay dresses. Many of you cheered me on through Ren Faire dresses and the Captain America dress, and I welcome your moral support on the journey to a Winter Soldier dress and another Captain America dress.

cap concept dress

The Captain America Concept Dress

While some people make cosplay costumes that completely mirror the character’s, my girls like to design their own, incorporating their own personal style with the character’s. I fully support this…why look like everybody else?  So…here are the concept dresses as drawn by the girls.


Here’s Captain America…if Cap preferred a little swing and a silver petticoat.

winter soldier concept dress

The Winter Soldier Concept Dress

Next up, the Winter Soldier, aka Bucky Barnes. He’s dark and forbidding.

Now, those of you who have visited with me before know that I prefer to build on someone else’s labor. I buy base dresses at consignment stores and from clearance racks and spice them up. In this case, we decided to go with homemade base dresses and spice as needed.

Enter the fabric store and the pattern book…

photo(66)This is the Cap base dress. It will be in navy with only a rim of silver lace on the arms.

photo(67)When push came to shove, the Winter Soldier went even more strappy. It will be in a black stretchy knit (yes, a fabric type NOT recommended by the pattern folks) with a straight skirt. So really…not much like this pattern at all.

Of course, cosplay dresses are never complete without a corset, at least not when my girls are designing them. The one shown below on the upper right will be for Bucky.


Cap will be going with a fuller corset…more like the ones shown in this Dr. Who

We actually broke ground (cut fabric today). I’ll try to keep you updated.  Cap will still need a shield and Bucky a metal arm, but I reserve that for a later post. The Doctor of Phabric, Joselyn Vaughn and her amazing sister, Lillian, Chris Allen-Riley, and Cousin L. can expect panicked phone calls.

There’s our spring break…what did you do for fun?


Climbing Heartbreak Hill…with the Meddlesome Matchmakers!

With the restyling of Joselyn Vaughn’s Meddlesome Matchmaker Series, Climbing Heartbreak Hill has also received a new cover. I love the new look! And the story? A must read.

Ready? Take a look…

Climbing Heartbreak Hill_500x750


Climbing Heartbreak Hill

A Meddlesome Matchmaker Novel

Professional runner, Ryan Grant, blows out his knee training for another attempt at the Boston marathon and the dreaded Heartbreak Hill. Ryan retreats home, not looking for anything more than a fast recovery, but he finds solace in the arms of his tax preparer, Tara Mansfield.

Tara’s cheerleading career ended abruptly and she faces an upward climb beating the stereotype as dumb blonde in her new calling as an accountant. Framed with defrauding the IRS during the last weeks of the tax season, Tara’s tentative confidence is shaken, but Ryan coaches her in ensnaring the true perpetrator. She cheers him on in discovering his identity as a coach rather than an athlete.

With the help of the junkyard king and a mechanical bull, can Tara and Ryan find the courage to climb Heartbreak Hill together?

Buy it here!

Other books in the Meddlesome Matchmakers series: Hauntings of the Heart and Sucker for a Hot Rod